A historic mockery

A place known as Longmont can only be amplified by its many victorian homes. To most they are an epitome of our history. They stand for our ancestors who fought for the land rights to build them. To some however they mean nothing. 

 I came across a historic home recently in Thompson neighborhood that has been destroyed. The back half pulled off and reattached. They built this mind you under circumstances I care not to divulge. The neighbors house now has structural issues from this and might fall in on itself. (Her house being almost 200 years itself). When approached the new owners said, ” not our problem.” I can’t describe to you how awful this is. Picture gutting all original victorian aspects than fitting new in to look victorian. They have destroyed this historic home and they don’t care Because they are nuvo rich. In all aspects of their life I have been fortunate to know them. The greed trumps their view of life. They own a solution company, a resteraunt, a geology store. Above is the original. Sad day for historic homes when the city lets money win over historic integrity


Something is Rott


As the 2016 holiday season approaches I cannot help but feel a pitiful feeling in the depths of my stomach. From the core of my soul I find a definable question arising. “Black Friday” is by far the scariest event I have ever witnessed in my immediate memory. I refuse to shop. I refuse to wait. I refuse to be bombarded by hateful people in a panicked frenzy. Yesterday was Thanksgiving and thousands of people passed up the opportunity to break breads with friends and family, instead waiting for such stores as “Best Buy” to open. They did not want to lose their place in line; they didn’t want to miss out on the savings. This, my friends is the question.

“What has the holiday become?”

I seem to remember a time of the year when people baked hundreds of sweet treats and delivered them to the neighbors in bright cellophane wrapping. The children making senseless gifts out of popcorn, macaroni, and glue. This notion has given into a push for marketing strategy. They pray on the individual’s selfish need to be the best gift giver. They depend on people who want to shop until the credit card gives out. People have become so selfish and it disgusts me to the core. Children now throw tantrums with the wrong gift when really they should be taught to be grateful. There was a time when you gave something to eat, something to wear, something they wanted, something to read. But the new generation has forgotten morality and now just craves too much. To which I say: “Something is Rot”.

Sometimes I am disappointed in myself….

Sometimes I am disappointed in myself….Reason being; well:

I have been in and out of relationships off and on for four years now. They always end up badly; and it is always my fault(not really but everyone needs someone to blame.)

I feel that sometimes if I wasn’t gay I might have more of a chance. This saddens me because I have tried being “straight” and that does not work for either of us.

On the flip side I wish I was built more masculine. Maybe if I was more masculine men might be more attracted to me. This after all is the name of the mating game.

So yes, If I could be straight and have a family I would; but deprogramming does not work considering I have been attracted to guys since I was in the first grade. Thank you Trump for yet another asinine attempt to rid the world of us.


The inside of my Christmas card……

I put up my Christmas tree on the night of the election; I needed shining hope when I awoke. I was not as upset as I should have been;          I was not shocked. To the contrary I found what I had feared the most; the secret hatred inside people who very rarely speak. I found that lurking in the depths of hearts was a brazen example of intollerance. I am saddened that the America I remember is slowly fading into a wild blue horizon. That the rights so many have fought and died for are being forgotten. America has always been at the forefront of turmoil both economicaly and politically. Now we are tearing ourselves apart from the seam up.

What happened to the sons and daughters of immigrants who longed to be an American? The pride we showed on our sleeves? Where is the pomp and circumstance we use to hold to the standard of everyone? Lady Liberty still stands for us all. Her legs are weary but her torch stands strong. For anyone who might look upon her face can remember the importance of acceptance even if we do not agree. Acceptance even if our religion says nay. Acceptance even if it means not listening to personal convictions. The life and well being of a person is important and so precious; even if they themselves do wrong.

I am appalled that walls will separate when really we just need a curtain of respect and generosity. Soon so many will have no voice; and believe it or not America once fought for their own voice. I plan to blanket the cold. Feed the hungry. Embrace the homeless. If someone is need of a friend, no matter what they do or say, I am a friend to all. I am not going to let fear and insecurity keep me from doing what is right in God’s eye.

We are One nation Under God, indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all.


And why?

In the words of “Auntie Mame”:

We need a little Christmas now.”

I saw what he saw…

I live in Longmont, Colorado. Okay so election is done: Over! I’m not the least bit depressed. I am going to help beat oppression. Why? Because I care. I saw a group of people with Trump signs. They wielded machete and guns.

Back it up!

This is okay? I think not. I have recently learned:

“Acceptance brings contentment”.

I cannot change their actions. But I would die first before I witness someone murdered or bullied by something like that. My life is not worth as much as someone else’s.

Well the majority opinion is…

We F’d up!

However It really gives our country as a whole to show that we are not just primitive thinkers. Already there has been demonstrations and outbursts. We have seen hate and violence rise. How are we a s a people going to combat this?

This is not the time to let out all our secret feelings such as hatred, racism, bigotry, sexism, intolerance; as so many are doing.

This is a time to show the world that we are tolerant and we will fight against hatred, racism, bigotry, sexism, intolerance. That we will uphold what Lady Liberty stands for. That we will continue, if not as a whole than as individuals, to imbue those who have little rights with our rights. If they need a home trust them. If they need a friend, friend them. If they need food, don’t let them go hungry. Do not yell at them because they are different. These are people and they are constitutional. These are people who are now having to fight harder than ever to prove they are people. We as individuals, despite our upbringings whatever they may be, know right from wrong. lets use this power as not a lot of countries can choose the right thing without persecution.

When I think of Trump

I think of an idealism funded by ignorance. this ignorance is created by a lack of wanting to look around. Not wanting to get in there and see how poor are living and homeless. When I think of Trump the eighties television show wiseguys comes to mind. listening to him talk I can’t help but wonder if he cares even a little bit…or is it the title that he seeks. toll roads on highways when some can barely afford gas. he doesn’t care because he has created a hate that blinds him from what is there everyday. Good Luck Trump if you win ….I pity you a small minded arrogant man.

Lying to children

I work at a hotel and housekeeping has a million kids. They asked: ” what are you doing for Halloween?”

In turn I asked the same question.Their response blindsided me. Holy cow! Being Catholic can’t be easy …  but c’Mon. They said their catilclismic school said it was wrong. That it was about Satan. I said whoa!first of all Satan was first mentione”.d as a bringer of light “Luciferis”. It’s a planet! Than I said : “Their still telling that lie?” 

I explained that Halloween was traditionally a night of perseverance. That people feared spirits and thought that Halloween night would allow them to haunt. That they would carve gotta and put candles in them to keep spirits away and Satan away from their dwelling.That they would dress scary to ward off spirits. 

Why don’t we do research. History offers so much. Now even tradition is lying to our children.