A historic mockery

A place known as Longmont can only be amplified by its many victorian homes. To most they are an epitome of our history. They stand for our ancestors who fought for the land rights to build them. To some however they mean nothing. 

 I came across a historic home recently in Thompson neighborhood that has been destroyed. The back half pulled off and reattached. They built this mind you under circumstances I care not to divulge. The neighbors house now has structural issues from this and might fall in on itself. (Her house being almost 200 years itself). When approached the new owners said, ” not our problem.” I can’t describe to you how awful this is. Picture gutting all original victorian aspects than fitting new in to look victorian. They have destroyed this historic home and they don’t care Because they are nuvo rich. In all aspects of their life I have been fortunate to know them. The greed trumps their view of life. They own a solution company, a resteraunt, a geology store. Above is the original. Sad day for historic homes when the city lets money win over historic integrity