Something is Rott


As the 2016 holiday season approaches I cannot help but feel a pitiful feeling in the depths of my stomach. From the core of my soul I find a definable question arising. “Black Friday” is by far the scariest event I have ever witnessed in my immediate memory. I refuse to shop. I refuse to wait. I refuse to be bombarded by hateful people in a panicked frenzy. Yesterday was Thanksgiving and thousands of people passed up the opportunity to break breads with friends and family, instead waiting for such stores as “Best Buy” to open. They did not want to lose their place in line; they didn’t want to miss out on the savings. This, my friends is the question.

“What has the holiday become?”

I seem to remember a time of the year when people baked hundreds of sweet treats and delivered them to the neighbors in bright cellophane wrapping. The children making senseless gifts out of popcorn, macaroni, and glue. This notion has given into a push for marketing strategy. They pray on the individual’s selfish need to be the best gift giver. They depend on people who want to shop until the credit card gives out. People have become so selfish and it disgusts me to the core. Children now throw tantrums with the wrong gift when really they should be taught to be grateful. There was a time when you gave something to eat, something to wear, something they wanted, something to read. But the new generation has forgotten morality and now just craves too much. To which I say: “Something is Rot”.


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