The inside of my Christmas card……

I put up my Christmas tree on the night of the election; I needed shining hope when I awoke. I was not as upset as I should have been;          I was not shocked. To the contrary I found what I had feared the most; the secret hatred inside people who very rarely speak. I found that lurking in the depths of hearts was a brazen example of intollerance. I am saddened that the America I remember is slowly fading into a wild blue horizon. That the rights so many have fought and died for are being forgotten. America has always been at the forefront of turmoil both economicaly and politically. Now we are tearing ourselves apart from the seam up.

What happened to the sons and daughters of immigrants who longed to be an American? The pride we showed on our sleeves? Where is the pomp and circumstance we use to hold to the standard of everyone? Lady Liberty still stands for us all. Her legs are weary but her torch stands strong. For anyone who might look upon her face can remember the importance of acceptance even if we do not agree. Acceptance even if our religion says nay. Acceptance even if it means not listening to personal convictions. The life and well being of a person is important and so precious; even if they themselves do wrong.

I am appalled that walls will separate when really we just need a curtain of respect and generosity. Soon so many will have no voice; and believe it or not America once fought for their own voice. I plan to blanket the cold. Feed the hungry. Embrace the homeless. If someone is need of a friend, no matter what they do or say, I am a friend to all. I am not going to let fear and insecurity keep me from doing what is right in God’s eye.

We are One nation Under God, indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all.


And why?

In the words of “Auntie Mame”:

We need a little Christmas now.”


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