Lying to children

I work at a hotel and housekeeping has a million kids. They asked: ” what are you doing for Halloween?”

In turn I asked the same question.Their response blindsided me. Holy cow! Being Catholic can’t be easy …  but c’Mon. They said their catilclismic school said it was wrong. That it was about Satan. I said whoa!first of all Satan was first mentione”.d as a bringer of light “Luciferis”. It’s a planet! Than I said : “Their still telling that lie?” 

I explained that Halloween was traditionally a night of perseverance. That people feared spirits and thought that Halloween night would allow them to haunt. That they would carve gotta and put candles in them to keep spirits away and Satan away from their dwelling.That they would dress scary to ward off spirits. 

Why don’t we do research. History offers so much. Now even tradition is lying to our children.


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