I love our armed forces. I am grateful that they put themselves in danger every waking moment so I can walk down my street and get coffee and buy shoes. Our Men and Woman are valuable to me.

However occupation in dangerous areas. Do we want to be occupied? If we were another country, for perspective sake, would we want to be occupied? We are big bad America. We are seen by some as a haven. We are seen as others as a demonstrative beast. To post our men and woman in areas that have been in small wars and confrontations for centuries, we are overstepping because of our ego. I am not saying lets turn a blind eye. I am saying lets make our presence known but lets not post there permanently because it just makes us look even worse. We go in and occupy and you wonder why so many power players find us a threat. We want to protect and stand for justice in areas that have none; but what if by occupying we are overlooking situations that will become worse when we leave.

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