Abortion why is this topic taboo?

I have one thing to say on abortion:


“It is a difficult thing to talk about abortion; no matter who is speaking of it, or thinking about it. Opinions are sacred to that of the person who hold it. It is personal. We are talking about killing life. It is life. We are mammals. It has a cord and it feeds on nutrients of the mother. It is alive. To kill is a sin. In some instances Families not only loose the child, they loose the mother as well due to complications. In extreme instances it is not for me or you to say what someone should do. We do not hold the god card to force or persuade. It is the individual’s decision and unfortunately we have lost sight of this. Through debates and religion. Culture and upbringing.  We force our opinions where they have no purpose being. So as for now, Abortion to me is not a taboo subject. Should a woman be forced to have a child from a rapist. Its her choice. Incest? Her choice. Should thirteen year olds be able to make a decision. I believe so. Life is beautiful, sacred even. But woman are “Sacred creators“. Woman have the beautiful ability to create life and bring life. And especially now this day in age when we do not live in caves and clans. So why should our opinions shell someone else’s decision. “

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