Muscle Morality

muscleThis entry starts like a few others do, “Grinder”. In an age of Social Media, I have found that it is easier to have an ego and crudely insult some one, or a group of people for that matter. Social media acts as a buffer between the insulted and the insulter mainly because they can post back and forth. This blows up and other people jump into the conversation.

I bet the man above is super sexy when he has all his skin. His muscle patterns suggests he eats right, works out regularly, and I hope moisturizes. This man, who has no name, is a self centered egoist who has no problem insulting other people on social media.

I am not over muscular, but I am far, far from fat. He told me that I was not his type because I was too hairy, and needed to loose weight.

Back up that bus!

I responded, “I am 150 lbs. I eat right. I happen to be an odd mix of middle eastern and Prussian; so shaving is easier said than done. I am so glad that you live in a gym because quite frankly you have to have something considering you have just shown me the lack of brain you have to think with. Thank you for being a self centered egoist, and I hope your libido wanes very soon so everyone leaves you.”

This may have been over the top, but he promptly logged off “Grinder”. This got me thinking; if people can easily dismiss someone they don’t like, than why does no one talk to anyone outside on the streets. Are they possibly scanning silently, hoping to see someone they know from the app?

Moral of the story:

If they are pre-screening on the street, than I am in serious trouble.


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