As a nation I have found that it is so hard to have tolerance. Whether

religious tolerance, or tolerance for the way someone parks their car; we have very little. You will find that, though we say our parents have little impact on our personality, this is wrong. “Conditioning” happens the moment we escape the womb. We find ourselves “mimicking” our parents “behaviorisms“. What we do not find is that they leave an impression in our sub conscious. We base our personal opinions on something said, or something done.

Tolerance needs to be implicated as the child progresses into their second year. When they are starting to speak and learn we need to “condition“. I believe the “Sesame St.” generation had the right idea. If we had more “Mr. Rogers and Lamb chops”, we might have more tolerance for all life around us.

Without tolerance we will have no hope. Without tolerance we will never be content. If we can not be content we can not cope. This is all one chain leading to violence. What kind of world will we have if we shoot someone over food in the market?; or burn someone’s house for having a tree up? Quite frankly we as a nation have stopped learning and exploring the world around us. Without exploration of knowledge we are less diverse. Diversity is key.

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