Lesser of two evils

evils Evil? A term deemed: profound immorality, wickedness, and depravity, especially when regarded as a supernatural force; according to online definitions. Evil is a theory that stems from knowing the difference of right, and wrong. How do we know what is right, and what is wrong? On a culture level, what may be acceptable in one, is not in another. Same is said for all people. Though we may agree, it is never one hundred percent; there will always be an opposing thought. Now that we have established this, Let us talk about elections season. I though that maybe there was a way I would not be “blogging” on this topic; I guess not.

On one side, we have a woman. She has studied at some of the best institutes. She is considered one of the best minds in United states government. She will, if she wins, she will have made history as the first woman president. Some countries view her presidency as a weakening of our country. Some United states citizens view her as “Killary”. I say Though she has made decisions that may not be viewed right; can you honestly presidents and presidential candidates have never made mistakes before? This is where you interject with a “but…”; I knew it.


On the other side, you have a man who has worked business his whole life. he is viewed as successful, and one of the “leading families”. He has been on television as a shrewd business man. Some people view him as “delusional”. Many have deemed him not right for the presidency. If you look at his campaign he wants to quit “outsourcing”. He would build walls. Bomb. “Trickle down“.

To this most say lets choose the lesser of two evils. Let us choose what is right. I find that most of the American population is “self centered“. Especially in my area, people are more worried about their own day to day life that they very rarely take a look around. This century has given us so many technological advancements in both electronics, and social media, people find it hard to even look up while they are walking. We as a people have become dependent on our own vices; most could care less who wins. I find that building walls will also box us in; also shut down some major trade. That by not outsourcing, yes we will have created more jobs, but products we buy every day will increase in price. Looking at the general population, Lets split them into two halves. Lets say one half is equal to 3. 1.5 is below poverty and the other 1.5 is at poverty. Most people live pay check to pay check, depending on what they bring in it meets the federal requirement for the poverty line. They primarily rent and are up to ears in debt. Or they are elderly and live on pension/social security. These are single mothers who have one or more children and rely on government subsidy to survive; i.e. welfare and food stamp programs.  The other half also is equal to 3. This means that 1.5 of the population own there own home. They have funding in savings. They do not rely on government subsidy. These people are considered the “middle class” of America. You will not find them working at the McDonalds. They are corporate secretaries and paralegals. They work in the hospitals and can afford new cars. The last 1.5 are the rich. They own several properties and can afford to not work. The last hundred years the percentages have in fluxed. There is considerably less “middle class”. There are more people at the top of the poverty line.

One candidate wants to “Restore America”. He would restore the “Infrastructure” and he will do it on a budget. (Does this mean its like a Wal-Mart futon; no matter how you have it nuts and bolts fall out when you toss and turn.) He want Mexico to pay for a wall to keep them from “border hopping”. Education, he doesn’t understand why we are paying so much for it.

The other candidate believes that’s we are not taxing corporations enough; i.e. the wealthy. She also believes in renewing the economical “infrastructure” by finding where we over charge and cutting those costs. She believes in defeating isis as well not just containing. She also believes in small business.

My opinion is the American people do not know right from wrong. They in generality don’t know what is best for them or how to fix their surroundings. They rely on media for information instead of researching something thoroughly. We are too quick to depend on the government; and we do not care about others. We are a selfish nation who just doesn’t care unless we are being threatened. By censoring the kinds of media we receive we are “ignorant” of the truth about other cultures. We disregard the fact that our natural resources are being depleted; and don’t care as long as we can drive our car and watch television. Some think that global warming is a “trump-ed” up issue; that its not real. If you look at the fishing villages along the arctic you will see that they are being over taken by water. We as a nation started as immigrants. We are a melting pot. We are the children of people who broke the laws of England to form a “More perfect union“. We have forgotten what being “American” entails and what it really means to be “Free“. If you ask me, we don’t deserve to have a say in democracy if all we do is keep our heads in the clouds about issues that are effecting everyone. We can vote for this, that, and the other; but do we really know? Of course not. Look in history. We separated church and state because together they do not mix. They suppressed the population so that the people would depend on the church and state. As a result the general populace lived in fear and poverty. The average person could not read or wright. However the wealthy could read and wright. They owned lands and were able to oppress the poverty stricken. Now in 2016 we all have the chance mandated by law to education. Though we depend on the government for protection they can not make choices based on religion. Why you ask, am I giving the history lesson? It refines about 500 years into two comparisons. We were tired of being suppressed and oppressed by the British crown, so we sought to create America where one could live the “American dream”. “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. Now America has been spoiled by this and some can not even afford it. At what cost is “freedom“? We send people in to war, some of them we never see, we call it “Dying for the cause“. When really change happens from within and not at the borders.

To this I say: The lesser of two evils depends on how much we really know? We choose to keep “ignorant”. So what is the real evil here?

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