Straight men & the Power”feel”

dmn  Okay If I have said it once I know I will have to repeat myself, again, and again, and again. Straight Men. This engineered master marvel has baffled woman for centuries. They want what they want when they want it. But the softer side of every straight man is there; you just have to watch and wait.

I have recently shaved my head. I wanted a change. Every straight man I have come across has loved my shaved head. This got me thinking; what is it and why? Men are powerful. Men need the power, its like a drug. I was at a coffee shop and this straight guy I know got me my usual cup of coffee with whole milk. We talked about absolutely nothing as he charged my visa debit. I grab my coffee and turn to leave when he asks:

Can I feel your shaved head?”

Looking at the 6′ foot man I gave him a quizzing look. Lowering head his massive hands wrapped around my cranium. He began to rub my head right there in front of everyone.

I don’t know what it is about a shorn head but it’s so soft like a puppy.” He said.

Saying bye, I found myself outside feeling nervous. I was uncomfortable because at any moment some other “dude” would come up and start rubbing me. I’m not a magic 8 ball, I don’t tell futures.

Above the picture of the hunk with the bear. I am reminded of a guy I once dated who had a thing for silk boxers. They give no support and they snag; but he loved them. He would sit there and rub them like nothing was wrong. This was like my head; am I secretly getting rubbed in their imagination? I wonder how long coffee man stood there just waiting to ask? And why do they not see this relinquishes their power play? Straight men, I will never know which end is up.

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