Service vs. demand



This past week, I have heard the words I don’t care. Companies set policies down to protect them, and their employees. The average consumer has turned this word “service” into an delusional abstract.

When I go to the “average” store I immediately survey the people around me. A mass of screaming children, and disgruntled purchasers. Looking at the cashiers I notice they are all un-happy. They look like they want to melt into a new dimension when someone walks up. I asked myself: If the cashiers look like that and they get paid to provide you customer service; what the hell did you do?

Customers walk into a store, find a product (or carts full) and expect a happy, bouncy cashier. Customers are in fact, I find, their own worst enemy. From first hand experience, they cling to the mantra, “The customer is always right.” Sometimes they are far beyond wrong you just want to smack them. Customer service representatives live in the real world. They get paid minimum wages to get yelled at, bossed around, and belittled. I have personally found that customers are the rude, self centered, and want it their way or they throw a fit. My favorite shoppers are the ones who leave shoes all over the floor and laugh when someone falls on them.

In the service industry I have personally been physically beaten, verbally abused, had tea pots thrown at me, tables thrown at me all because unfortunately customers do not want to hear the policies.

Recently I have been hearing the phrase, “I don’t care!” This week alone I have heard it five times, at least. To which I always respond, “I can see that.” Maybe not the smartest thing to say but at least they can’t say I am wrong.

I remember when I managed a department store, This couple called for a manager. I of course came up wearing my tie, suspenders, name tag, and carrying my clipboard.

“Your the manager, aren’t you a little young?”

I asked them what the situation was and what it was I could do to ease them out so to speak. I explained that the receipt was passed the two week mark, that I could only issue an “in-store-voucher” for the purchase price of the merchandise.

“I don’t want to deal with you, you stupid gay fag. That’s not what we want to do. Tell your stupid clerk that the customer is always right.”

Keep in mind this was a fifty year old couple yelling at a twenty five year old.

Looking them straight in the eye I responded, “I will cash out the voucher if you apologize to my clerk, her name is Lisa.” Of course I had to call and apologize, which sounded like this:

    “Hello,________, My name is John and I am with ________. I wanted to apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused you buy following my store policies.I wanted to touch base with you to let you know that you have $25.00 in store credit with us. Again I do apologize if I caused any ill will when I asked you to apologize to  my clerk. She has not been affected by this situation and neither should you. I look forward to seeing you in our store soon; and do stop and say hi to me, I am sure I will be happy and Flamboyant to see you.”

Moral of the story: You should always be nice in stores when you are the customer. You are not always right, and you have ruined the shopping industry with your selfish desire to want more than you need; and spending into deficit.


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