Ummmmm? Starbucks


So I guess today is less of a blog more of a rant; but than again you decide.

Today started liked most days. Alarm goes off, I scratch my but, I scratch my other stuff and head to the kurig for some much needed caffeine. I let the dogs out. Usually mom is still asleep on the sofa and will remain there until I say, “Mom it’s time.” Today was pay day, which accounts for my lack there of; thank you bills.

I was dressed and ready for the day; but something was missing. Star***** I miss you so much. Pulling into the newly renovated location I smile briefly, than notice my mother is not happy. Big surprise as I was just saying something about my “baby” brother(20 years old). Hopping the guard rail I played Pac-man with the drive through traffic, safely earning 15 points for a safe landing on the sidewalk leading from nowhere.

The ladies in front of me have never been to a star*****, so okay, breath…acceptance brings contentment. It was my turn. The barista-ettes love me, I know because they put “fabulous princess” on my cup today. I wanted something fall like, so I say hey chose for me. Charge me, smile, and don’t tell me what I am getting. There were an exchange of raunchy puns as we fussed with the chip reader in the terminal.

Moving over to the end of the coffee bar there was an old couple in the corner. He leaned over to this eight five year old woman and said, “F**** you, I’m going to hit you.” The lady next to me at the coffee bar looked astonished and said politely, “Please keep your voices down.”

The man who was very disgruntled said, “F**** you mind your own business.”

This was ridiculous. I said sir quit cussing or you should leave. “Mind your own business you c**** face fag.” The lady who was with him told me to mind my own business to.

I said, “No. He is mistreating you, you are a lady. I do not condone the mistreatment of others in public areas.” I turned around to the coffee bar pretending to be looking at my cell-phone. The barista next to me informed me that was the district manager. I said, “We’ve all been managers.” As if to say who cares. I chatted it up with the district who didn’t seemed bothered by my “rescue” of her policies.


Moral of the story:
Acceptance brings contentment … But cussing at little old ladies is rude, and I will not have it.

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