The other white meat “Tofu”

tofu   I am gluten intolerant. Not much of a shocker when you consider how we develop things through bio-engineering. I recently at out with some people I had deemed “the fun couple”. We were having margaritas, and eating chips and salsa. Looking around wondering where all the cute waiters were, I began to feel good from the third margarita.

“So what are you going to order?” The fun couple asked.

Looking at my menu I instantly began to salivate. However everything contained Wheat. To my dismay they saw the look of “F****” written on my face.

“Oh look tofu tacos.”

I usually would have laughed, but I knew she was being serious. She was actually trying to help. I grew up in the 90’s. Tofu was something everyone ate. You could do anything to this substance and it still tasted the same.

I responded, “Oh yeah, the other white meat”.

They laughed, we laughed. They evidently loved my bitchy comment so much because the waiter laughed to. I had found the cute waiter, but now he thought I was weird. This put things into perspective for me. As a population of eaters, we only notice the things we can’t eat. For the “fun couple” they actually thought that by pointing out the tofu tacos they were giving me a helpful option. Looking at the picture, and trying to remember that though it was pan fried it would still be jiggly, I looked at the waiter and ordered another pitcher of margaritas.

Note to self: In all cases of eating out, if you have eating restrictions, be the first to look at the menu. All this time I thought the “other white meat” meant hot men in the gym. guess not.

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