On My Own

heel This is a high heeled shoe. Its fabulous. Its tall. It makes your but round. It’s also embarrassing for men to shop for by themselves. Hi I like to do drag. For those who are not familiar, think of the “a-typical” straight man and his wives purse.  No picture a flamboyant gay man trying on shoes by himself in the middle of 6 elderly woman.

To buy a new pair of shoes, one can’t simply purchase them. One must try them on. Look in the mirror. Glide across the floor strutting “it”. At least this is what I do. The elderly ladies look like this by the way: shocked.

Lifting my pant legs ever so slightly to get a peek at the pump, I turn and I say, “Pardon me I need them for my new two piece.”

There isn’t any more to this blog.

Note to reader: These are actual events. I have found it easier to go with the flow and ham it up in embarrassing situations.

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