ringYou see a ring and immediately think big white wedding. I see this and am reminded of the “married couple. I call them that because I was invited to their place for the weekend. Like the famous televisions series “*** In The City”, he had an enormous , you guessed it. I was her gay best friend. Normally one would assume that to know his size, I would have had to… you know. So not the case. My life is why I relate to the aforementioned television series so much.

The sun was shining, and my friend and I were admiring all the hot men at the pool In the early mornings they consisted of:   “Hot dad, “Hot brothers”, Hot toy boys.”

I was checking out a beautiful man when I realized I left my cell phone in the apartment. Apologizing I ran back up the stairs and into the tri-level townhome. As I opened the guest room door, there he was. He was having the time of his life. He looked great in red. However it would have been a lot better if they weren’t mine. My poor “Calvin Klein” briefs were being defiled by his enormous, yeah. He saw me in the mirror as I dashed into the bathroom.

Normally, it would have been different if he was at all my type. But I’m not into the hot executive type. Splashing water on my face I felt a hand on my shoulder. Looking up into the medicine cabinet it was him.

“Can I keep these? They fit so snug.”

Looking him in the face I said, “They are all yours.”

He inconspicuously took my hand and place it on the front of my expensive “Calvin Klein” briefs. My jaw dropped as he continued to try and seduce me.

“Don’t tell my wife.”

I didn’t have to promise because here she came.

Moral of the story: When visiting friends, make sure you don’t bring expensive underwear;ring because how well do we really know anyone?


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