The young and the oldness 

In a world where we value “value”. The same work that has fought for the rights so many. The first to realize woman were more than an object.

  Watching a movie with my mother, time that I just recently  have come to value, I realized something that is happening. This movie about a nude calendar where mature woman, not porn stars, dawned all for a leukemia fundraiser. My mother has been struggling for equality and I for one hate the injustice.

  The work force has been focusing too much on quantity and not on quality. Woman who have given their whole lives to their communities, church, job and most importantly family. Some of them have been abandoned or widowed. They are to young to file early social security. They are to old for the new work force pace. Some only qualify to for greet. 

    My mother like all these woman above have been depraved, beaten physically and mentally, and now must come to terms with finding jobs that want them. She was a manager and than dismissed bc she “worked off clock”. This was no the truth. Though she worked hard and long hours; she wasn’t fast enough for a corporate output.

 It is up to us. Small business and cooperation alike to empower all elderly or mature men and woman. My mother is coping but cries most days because no one wants her.she has worked so hard to find her way in the world and provide for two children without a husband; now she must rely on those around her for mental and financial stability, not mentioning governmeny Aid. 

 Moral of this story: empowerment belongs to the ones we have stripped of it. I rented the movie to breath empowerment into her. What, pray tell, will you do to be a little less selfish and help them? 

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