Super powers 

Okay so super powers aren’t real; than why do we want  them so bad? When I was younger I wanted to fly. Now if I could fly oh man would I go away. 

 I live in a town that is called Longmont. Colorado is viewed as one of the more open minded states. Longmont is still small minded. In Denver I could walk around as “Wonder Woman” and no one would so much as twitch. I classify being self-centered a super power. If Denver rites can turn a blind eye to a 5 foot 7 man in a tube top, write it off as normal, than why is it so hard for other people to understand to be a little more selfish. In this aspect I am not saying be selfish in the sense of no charity. I am saying we care too much about the differences of people. 

 This brings me to me. I am not feminine not masculine; I am in between. I am generalized as “gay”. Longmont is not a selfish place and I believe maybe “longmonters” should be a little more selfish when it comes to how someone is.   I realised I have super powers. I help others assess issues in their lives; the remedy, positive manifestation. These super powers work for Everyone but me. 

I have recently classified my self as “human”..meaning I’m not “gay”, I’m not “straight” I’m just human. Why is it that after making all that space..casting of my negative , I’m still alone. 

 Looking back, flying doesn’t seem so bad .I could ensnare and fly away with someone who loved me. 

Moral of this story is: it’s okay to be selfish when it makes you a little less critical of how people are. And if we could have a super power it should be unconditional acceptance . 

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