Scared to let them in?

Maybe you can see it? Maybe you can’t? About what I am talking is the fear. Do you see it now? This is portrayal of elizabethan. When I am in a role of portrayal I let you see what I want you to see. But none of which you see is fear. When I am not portraying a strong icon I am a little scared to let them in.

   To see me you might think I’m well adapted and sort of different. That I’m okay being me. But when you have been hurt so many times you only block out comments from others.

  If I were to let you in you will find paranormal at an all time high. And me dancing the Charleston. Singing Broadway. A fear of rejection. I admit it, I am strange. But don’t let this fool you. You will find all the best people are off their rocker. True I am not crazy, but I am not “normal”. I pride myself taking up quill writing. Or maybe the art of herbalist. I love architecture and if the porcelain plate  it is older than the 50’s I will buy it. By old word standards I am well rounded. 

  So when I say I am scared to let you in. Maybe I am scared of the knowledge you refuse to learn. Or the judgement with which you hold my accomplishments. True they don’t bring me recognitions but in a world of new someone has to protect the old and out of date. I don’t want to be influenced by the scourge of modernity… will find that once a photograph fades you can’t fix it. 

  Moral: fear is not always a bad thing. And what seems wrong for you might be exactly what someone else needs. Open your minds to the limitless possibilities

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