If My love life was a “sweater”

th  If my love life was a sweater I would be the one pictured here. Ha, ha, ha!

When I think of love I think of happiness. When I think of happiness I think of you guessed it, being warm. So it is no big surprise that I compare it to a sweater. Love is highly sought after in our designer world. But what we don’t understand is love starts with ourselves. I tend to think of my life like it’s a successful corporation. My corporation manufactures a unique product, me. I am the C.E.O. and I work closely ever day with the advertising department to present my product in a delightful manner. My product is simple, delightfully tacky, and doesn’t relate to every one. I come in a variety of packaging and do to less popular demand have put 33% more of me in every container. My financial team is a bit low on the stock trend, but they anticipate a good year. My consultants that handle my image make sure I am well maintained and are very pleased to announce that the general populace is responding well to my brand standards.

In the “real world” maybe this is not how every one views their love life. However “un-orthodox”, I do. I find that what I bring to the table, so to speak, is a representation of how I was raised. The people who raised me helped shape me into a product worth selling. Through their years of dedication I am now seeking brand loyalty for my “company”.

The moral: Next time you step out into your community and wonder why you  may not have love. Remember that the product you are selling is not for everyone. It may, like in my case, appeal to only a select few. However, do remember that you are a product worth selling.


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