Double exposure

We as humans are highly complex. We feel emotions. see emotions. Unfortunately we act on emotions. I hate to bring up the “Hospitality industry” however it keeps giving me so many fabulous things to blog about.

Normally the term “double exposure” relates to photography. It is where two images, or the same for that matter, can be merged into one. However lets be “Greek-ish” for a moment shall we. The term double means by two. the root of the second means to uncover purposefully. Hmmmmm?
I recently had a pair of sunglasses sitting on my desk at work. So you leave something in a hotel, you realize it, you phone. 1,2,3. These are the steps in realization for humans. However in this case they had been sitting there for 9 days. Today a member of my housekeeping staff found a pair lying on the counter. She asked, “who’s?”. I honestly answered I don’t know. Supposing, not thinking, they were a guests. No one I know had called for them; she decided to take them home.

Okay so the items you leave at a hotel. We can only hold for like two to three weeks at the most. Were not hoarders so you get the drift. We hold on to jewelry and phones, electronic equip. etc. Clothing however, not in your life; a two weeker.

We as humans can turn off and on at a flip of a switch. I thought there was no troubles between any of my staff. I have been in a delusion of grandeur. I now know that the sunglasses belonged to maintenance. When we fly off the handle we expose our vulnerability. I suggested hey, lets call her and she will bring them back. I explained it was a misunderstanding.

“F*** it I’m calling management. A 45 year old man calling management over sunglasses. Don’t waste my time. I told him to stop acting like a child.

Moral: When, even if you do not like said individual, something happens to you; stop and access if their has been harm intended. Men are funny they always feel wronged. She wasn’t out to harm anyone.






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