As a nation I have found that it is so hard to have tolerance. Whether

religious tolerance, or tolerance for the way someone parks their car; we have very little. You will find that, though we say our parents have little impact on our personality, this is wrong. “Conditioning” happens the moment we escape the womb. We find ourselves “mimicking” our parents “behaviorisms“. What we do not find is that they leave an impression in our sub conscious. We base our personal opinions on something said, or something done.

Tolerance needs to be implicated as the child progresses into their second year. When they are starting to speak and learn we need to “condition“. I believe the “Sesame St.” generation had the right idea. If we had more “Mr. Rogers and Lamb chops”, we might have more tolerance for all life around us.

Without tolerance we will have no hope. Without tolerance we will never be content. If we can not be content we can not cope. This is all one chain leading to violence. What kind of world will we have if we shoot someone over food in the market?; or burn someone’s house for having a tree up? Quite frankly we as a nation have stopped learning and exploring the world around us. Without exploration of knowledge we are less diverse. Diversity is key.


Lesser of two evils

evils Evil? A term deemed: profound immorality, wickedness, and depravity, especially when regarded as a supernatural force; according to online definitions. Evil is a theory that stems from knowing the difference of right, and wrong. How do we know what is right, and what is wrong? On a culture level, what may be acceptable in one, is not in another. Same is said for all people. Though we may agree, it is never one hundred percent; there will always be an opposing thought. Now that we have established this, Let us talk about elections season. I though that maybe there was a way I would not be “blogging” on this topic; I guess not.

On one side, we have a woman. She has studied at some of the best institutes. She is considered one of the best minds in United states government. She will, if she wins, she will have made history as the first woman president. Some countries view her presidency as a weakening of our country. Some United states citizens view her as “Killary”. I say Though she has made decisions that may not be viewed right; can you honestly presidents and presidential candidates have never made mistakes before? This is where you interject with a “but…”; I knew it.


On the other side, you have a man who has worked business his whole life. he is viewed as successful, and one of the “leading families”. He has been on television as a shrewd business man. Some people view him as “delusional”. Many have deemed him not right for the presidency. If you look at his campaign he wants to quit “outsourcing”. He would build walls. Bomb. “Trickle down“.

To this most say lets choose the lesser of two evils. Let us choose what is right. I find that most of the American population is “self centered“. Especially in my area, people are more worried about their own day to day life that they very rarely take a look around. This century has given us so many technological advancements in both electronics, and social media, people find it hard to even look up while they are walking. We as a people have become dependent on our own vices; most could care less who wins. I find that building walls will also box us in; also shut down some major trade. That by not outsourcing, yes we will have created more jobs, but products we buy every day will increase in price. Looking at the general population, Lets split them into two halves. Lets say one half is equal to 3. 1.5 is below poverty and the other 1.5 is at poverty. Most people live pay check to pay check, depending on what they bring in it meets the federal requirement for the poverty line. They primarily rent and are up to ears in debt. Or they are elderly and live on pension/social security. These are single mothers who have one or more children and rely on government subsidy to survive; i.e. welfare and food stamp programs.  The other half also is equal to 3. This means that 1.5 of the population own there own home. They have funding in savings. They do not rely on government subsidy. These people are considered the “middle class” of America. You will not find them working at the McDonalds. They are corporate secretaries and paralegals. They work in the hospitals and can afford new cars. The last 1.5 are the rich. They own several properties and can afford to not work. The last hundred years the percentages have in fluxed. There is considerably less “middle class”. There are more people at the top of the poverty line.

One candidate wants to “Restore America”. He would restore the “Infrastructure” and he will do it on a budget. (Does this mean its like a Wal-Mart futon; no matter how you have it nuts and bolts fall out when you toss and turn.) He want Mexico to pay for a wall to keep them from “border hopping”. Education, he doesn’t understand why we are paying so much for it.

The other candidate believes that’s we are not taxing corporations enough; i.e. the wealthy. She also believes in renewing the economical “infrastructure” by finding where we over charge and cutting those costs. She believes in defeating isis as well not just containing. She also believes in small business.

My opinion is the American people do not know right from wrong. They in generality don’t know what is best for them or how to fix their surroundings. They rely on media for information instead of researching something thoroughly. We are too quick to depend on the government; and we do not care about others. We are a selfish nation who just doesn’t care unless we are being threatened. By censoring the kinds of media we receive we are “ignorant” of the truth about other cultures. We disregard the fact that our natural resources are being depleted; and don’t care as long as we can drive our car and watch television. Some think that global warming is a “trump-ed” up issue; that its not real. If you look at the fishing villages along the arctic you will see that they are being over taken by water. We as a nation started as immigrants. We are a melting pot. We are the children of people who broke the laws of England to form a “More perfect union“. We have forgotten what being “American” entails and what it really means to be “Free“. If you ask me, we don’t deserve to have a say in democracy if all we do is keep our heads in the clouds about issues that are effecting everyone. We can vote for this, that, and the other; but do we really know? Of course not. Look in history. We separated church and state because together they do not mix. They suppressed the population so that the people would depend on the church and state. As a result the general populace lived in fear and poverty. The average person could not read or wright. However the wealthy could read and wright. They owned lands and were able to oppress the poverty stricken. Now in 2016 we all have the chance mandated by law to education. Though we depend on the government for protection they can not make choices based on religion. Why you ask, am I giving the history lesson? It refines about 500 years into two comparisons. We were tired of being suppressed and oppressed by the British crown, so we sought to create America where one could live the “American dream”. “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. Now America has been spoiled by this and some can not even afford it. At what cost is “freedom“? We send people in to war, some of them we never see, we call it “Dying for the cause“. When really change happens from within and not at the borders.

To this I say: The lesser of two evils depends on how much we really know? We choose to keep “ignorant”. So what is the real evil here?

Healing process

My life has been highly centered around me. How I look. If people were looking at me. If they wanted me. What I could by.!

    There comes a time when looks fade and your left with something that is a scarred up mess. I.e. me. After I had focused on me for so long I realized that no wanted to put up with my “shitt”. 

 My husband grew tired of me and at the age of twenty six I had to reconstruct my life. I focused highly on who I was. What I could do for others. This gave me a foundation to RE-build.

   The healing process I am referring to is when a person realizes no one is there. That I had become so ridden with vanity I was unbearable. By stripping my soul to its emotional nakedness I began to heal. I remember thinking , “What if I am alone; or die alone?” 

   The next step was defining my terms. I needed to live alone. I needed bill money. I did not really need another. The object of my terms was solidarity in the sense that I needed to survive. 

 Now if I come across someone who wants to spend time with me I can embrace them without vanity . 

Moral: one cannot love another when they are only focused on themselves; however one must focus on ones sense of self before anyone can relate. 

My smart phone


Have you ever wondered if your smart phone watches you?

My smart phone is. I know it knows my name. It knows where I live. It knows who I sleep with. I might as well marry my smart phone.

I was flipping through my picture gallery one day, talking to my friends; when I noticed a small video. I really don’t use my video camera. Not knowing I hit play. At first I was not sure if it was the inside of my pocket, than I realized it was the inside of my nostrils. I could plainly see my celia and where they stemmed from the epidermis of my nostrils.

In the background was snoring. I wonder if it was me.

The very thought that while I sleep my smart phone is secretly recording me isn’t news; it’s just creepy.

Moral of the story: We are not alone!!!!!!! Especially when we are sleeping

Straight men & the Power”feel”

dmn  Okay If I have said it once I know I will have to repeat myself, again, and again, and again. Straight Men. This engineered master marvel has baffled woman for centuries. They want what they want when they want it. But the softer side of every straight man is there; you just have to watch and wait.

I have recently shaved my head. I wanted a change. Every straight man I have come across has loved my shaved head. This got me thinking; what is it and why? Men are powerful. Men need the power, its like a drug. I was at a coffee shop and this straight guy I know got me my usual cup of coffee with whole milk. We talked about absolutely nothing as he charged my visa debit. I grab my coffee and turn to leave when he asks:

Can I feel your shaved head?”

Looking at the 6′ foot man I gave him a quizzing look. Lowering head his massive hands wrapped around my cranium. He began to rub my head right there in front of everyone.

I don’t know what it is about a shorn head but it’s so soft like a puppy.” He said.

Saying bye, I found myself outside feeling nervous. I was uncomfortable because at any moment some other “dude” would come up and start rubbing me. I’m not a magic 8 ball, I don’t tell futures.

Above the picture of the hunk with the bear. I am reminded of a guy I once dated who had a thing for silk boxers. They give no support and they snag; but he loved them. He would sit there and rub them like nothing was wrong. This was like my head; am I secretly getting rubbed in their imagination? I wonder how long coffee man stood there just waiting to ask? And why do they not see this relinquishes their power play? Straight men, I will never know which end is up.

Service vs. demand



This past week, I have heard the words I don’t care. Companies set policies down to protect them, and their employees. The average consumer has turned this word “service” into an delusional abstract.

When I go to the “average” store I immediately survey the people around me. A mass of screaming children, and disgruntled purchasers. Looking at the cashiers I notice they are all un-happy. They look like they want to melt into a new dimension when someone walks up. I asked myself: If the cashiers look like that and they get paid to provide you customer service; what the hell did you do?

Customers walk into a store, find a product (or carts full) and expect a happy, bouncy cashier. Customers are in fact, I find, their own worst enemy. From first hand experience, they cling to the mantra, “The customer is always right.” Sometimes they are far beyond wrong you just want to smack them. Customer service representatives live in the real world. They get paid minimum wages to get yelled at, bossed around, and belittled. I have personally found that customers are the rude, self centered, and want it their way or they throw a fit. My favorite shoppers are the ones who leave shoes all over the floor and laugh when someone falls on them.

In the service industry I have personally been physically beaten, verbally abused, had tea pots thrown at me, tables thrown at me all because unfortunately customers do not want to hear the policies.

Recently I have been hearing the phrase, “I don’t care!” This week alone I have heard it five times, at least. To which I always respond, “I can see that.” Maybe not the smartest thing to say but at least they can’t say I am wrong.

I remember when I managed a department store, This couple called for a manager. I of course came up wearing my tie, suspenders, name tag, and carrying my clipboard.

“Your the manager, aren’t you a little young?”

I asked them what the situation was and what it was I could do to ease them out so to speak. I explained that the receipt was passed the two week mark, that I could only issue an “in-store-voucher” for the purchase price of the merchandise.

“I don’t want to deal with you, you stupid gay fag. That’s not what we want to do. Tell your stupid clerk that the customer is always right.”

Keep in mind this was a fifty year old couple yelling at a twenty five year old.

Looking them straight in the eye I responded, “I will cash out the voucher if you apologize to my clerk, her name is Lisa.” Of course I had to call and apologize, which sounded like this:

    “Hello,________, My name is John and I am with ________. I wanted to apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused you buy following my store policies.I wanted to touch base with you to let you know that you have $25.00 in store credit with us. Again I do apologize if I caused any ill will when I asked you to apologize to  my clerk. She has not been affected by this situation and neither should you. I look forward to seeing you in our store soon; and do stop and say hi to me, I am sure I will be happy and Flamboyant to see you.”

Moral of the story: You should always be nice in stores when you are the customer. You are not always right, and you have ruined the shopping industry with your selfish desire to want more than you need; and spending into deficit.


Halloween in Longmont, Co.

shirnerAs deranged as this picture is, so is Longmont unfortunately. Half the town is ultra conservative, the other half just doesn’t give a F. Halloween is a wonderful example of this mish mash of points.

Everyone leaves their porch lights on, and opens the door in a costume. People go above and beyond to try and scare the little kids. The conservatives put cute solar jack ‘o’ lanterns out and maybe a scarecrow on the porch. The other half make it a blood bath horror movie. They involve the neighbors and scare the S**** out of everyone.

Remembering my neighborhood, I had every major religion of the west. one in particular was the old Jewish lady. She would walk too and from the corner gas station in her carpet slippers and quilted house coat. her hair died violet and curlers always in them. I thought maybe she was a hip old lady who had hot dates everyday.  Behind her was the monkey. It reminded me of Disney but it smoked like a train. As she walked, the monkey followed carrying her carton of cigarettes.

Halloween she never gave candy. I would say, “Trick or treat”, she would say, “Cream of mushroom soup.” I learned early on that I needed to double up the treat bag or her soup would put a hole through the bottom. Sometimes I would she her in her yard as I passed by. I would wave, and she would scream, “Stay our of my grass you heathen.”

Being young I asked where the monkey came from. This monkey always wore a vest and a little red hat, the cigarette hanging from his pursed lips. In a very shaky old woman’s voice, ” He was a hand grinders’ monkey.”


Moral of the story is: Some people give out candy; and some people give out cream of mushroom soup. Difference is the spice of life, but try telling a seven year old that.

Ummmmm? Starbucks


So I guess today is less of a blog more of a rant; but than again you decide.

Today started liked most days. Alarm goes off, I scratch my but, I scratch my other stuff and head to the kurig for some much needed caffeine. I let the dogs out. Usually mom is still asleep on the sofa and will remain there until I say, “Mom it’s time.” Today was pay day, which accounts for my lack there of; thank you bills.

I was dressed and ready for the day; but something was missing. Star***** I miss you so much. Pulling into the newly renovated location I smile briefly, than notice my mother is not happy. Big surprise as I was just saying something about my “baby” brother(20 years old). Hopping the guard rail I played Pac-man with the drive through traffic, safely earning 15 points for a safe landing on the sidewalk leading from nowhere.

The ladies in front of me have never been to a star*****, so okay, breath…acceptance brings contentment. It was my turn. The barista-ettes love me, I know because they put “fabulous princess” on my cup today. I wanted something fall like, so I say hey chose for me. Charge me, smile, and don’t tell me what I am getting. There were an exchange of raunchy puns as we fussed with the chip reader in the terminal.

Moving over to the end of the coffee bar there was an old couple in the corner. He leaned over to this eight five year old woman and said, “F**** you, I’m going to hit you.” The lady next to me at the coffee bar looked astonished and said politely, “Please keep your voices down.”

The man who was very disgruntled said, “F**** you mind your own business.”

This was ridiculous. I said sir quit cussing or you should leave. “Mind your own business you c**** face fag.” The lady who was with him told me to mind my own business to.

I said, “No. He is mistreating you, you are a lady. I do not condone the mistreatment of others in public areas.” I turned around to the coffee bar pretending to be looking at my cell-phone. The barista next to me informed me that was the district manager. I said, “We’ve all been managers.” As if to say who cares. I chatted it up with the district who didn’t seemed bothered by my “rescue” of her policies.


Moral of the story:
Acceptance brings contentment … But cussing at little old ladies is rude, and I will not have it.

On My Own

heel This is a high heeled shoe. Its fabulous. Its tall. It makes your but round. It’s also embarrassing for men to shop for by themselves. Hi I like to do drag. For those who are not familiar, think of the “a-typical” straight man and his wives purse.  No picture a flamboyant gay man trying on shoes by himself in the middle of 6 elderly woman.

To buy a new pair of shoes, one can’t simply purchase them. One must try them on. Look in the mirror. Glide across the floor strutting “it”. At least this is what I do. The elderly ladies look like this by the way: shocked.

Lifting my pant legs ever so slightly to get a peek at the pump, I turn and I say, “Pardon me I need them for my new two piece.”

There isn’t any more to this blog.

Note to reader: These are actual events. I have found it easier to go with the flow and ham it up in embarrassing situations.

Moon lighting

police  So many nights I have stopped for fast food after a drag event. I can recall tacos in drag a real past time that I admire. I used to date this girl. She was beautiful, soft spoken, and vibrant. She didn’t care I was a drag queen and would go out with me to events. She would keep me in check throughout the night. She followed the rules:
-always call me by my drag name

-always say yes to free drinks

-let me know my boobs are straight.

On the way home one night, we had in fact stopped for tacos, but we also had way too much tequila. Tequila is a funny liquor, it makes you do things you never would have. In my girlfriends case she supposed I didn’t want her to wait at a stop light. You guessed it! ILLEGAL U-TURN…through an abandoned parking lot. Being in Westminster, Colorado the police are very strict. We pulled over. Watching the hot policeman approach the vehicle, I had a plan. Looking over at my girlfriend I said, “Watch this.”

Pulling my, already miniskirt, up my thigh I exposed the double security line of my pantyhose. I placed my high heel shoe on the dashboard. Leaning my seat back a little, I plunged my face in the shadows and purked my “boobs” out. I looked like a fabulous street walker. The policeman looked into the car. He began to grin when he saw my thigh. He asked if we knew why he had pulled us over. He told us to wait he was going to get his partner.

Looking at my girlfriend, she was disgusted at men. “What are you doing?” she asked. I didn’t want a ticket and neither did she.

The policeman approached the car. “This is my partner.” said the first policeman. “Here is our business cards in case you two girls get lost. Give us a call we will rescue you.”


Moral: They say cover girl doesn’t cover boy. But a pair of pantyhose and some dark car shadows will get you out of a traffic ticket.

*note- Really don’t try this, I just happen to have phenomenal thighs in a pair of stockings